Hadoop 贏得 MediaGuardian - 创新大奖

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By rozsagab

一个突破性的项目,Hadoop赢得MediaGuardian创新大奖 "Groundbreaking open source project wins top MediaGuardian Innovation Award" 


"The judging panel described the Apache Hadoop project as the Swiss army knife of the 21st Century, and having the potential to completely change the face of media innovations across the globe. Overall, the project was seen as a greater catalyst for innovation than WikiLeaks, the iPad and a host of other suggested nominees."

- Guardian http://www.guardian.co.uk/gnm-press-office/mediaguardian-innovation-awards-2011


“这像集一村人之力养大一头小象:从几个节点的Hadoop原型发展到现在的一个大数据产业” - 欧文 OMalley(原Apache Hadoop的项目管理委员会主席)

"It takes a village to raise an elephant from a prototype that runs on a few nodes to the project that is disrupting the big data industry" - Owen OMalley (the first committer added to Hadoop, and the original chair of the Apache Hadoop Project Management Committee)




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